We are a security and service company that has specialised in event management for 30 years. Since then, we have been responsible for events in Berlin and the surrounding area. Branches in Frankfurt/Main and Ludwigsburg were later opened.

From a sold out Olympic Stadium in Berlin to a small VIP reception or a general meeting of large corporations, we are now taking care of almost all event venues in Berlin and are also looking after events and festivals of all sizes throughout Germany. Due to our large and experienced personnel pool, we can look after events of any kind in a highly professional manner.

We offer:

  • Event order service
  • security guards
  • Hostesses/Hosts
  • night surveillance
  • road closures
  • parking staff
  • stage personnel
  • admission personnel
  • VIP personnel
  • officers-in-charge
  • Order service manager according to MVStättVO
  • fireguards

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Additional Security Services

As one of the most experienced security service providers in Germany, we also offer the following services:
  • 24hr property protection
  • Site protection
  • Security services in public areas
  • Area access control
  • Protection of production sites
  • Patrol services
  • Dog protection and dog squadrons
  • Access controls
  • Crowd management and control

With 2,500 employees in Germany, we are able to process and implement inquiries at short notice.


Our service team is the main point of contact when it comes to the amenities and comfort of your guests and the stars of your event. With more than 30 years of experience, we know what is important and necessary to create a pleasant, trouble-free environment and to guarantee a smooth, safe event.

  • Reliable parking service with competent and trained personnel
  • Experienced staff for cloakroom service, which we of course equip with all the necessary equipment such as receipts.
  • Complete cash register service with trustworthy cashiers
  • VIP service with friendly and experienced hostesses/hosts

Safety and Security

Our professional and skilled employees provide security for events of all kinds and sizes. We see our task as an integrated service, which ranges from planning and conception to implementation and post-processing. As part of our daily work, we provide our customers with comprehensive advice in the run-up to their event and provide assessments of their specific security requirements. During joint inspections, we will be happy to explain exactly which positions are to be filled.

At a glance:

  • We only employ certified and highly trained security personnel.
  • Through detailed briefings, our employees are individually prepared for each event and informed about special features.
  • All employees always appear well-groomed, polite and dressed according to the occasion.
  • With additional equipment such as radios, flashlights and much more, our employees are equipped for every task.

Property Protection

We also have site security for event venues and other peaceful areas and locations. Our employees who work in property protection will also work together to manage any planning or scheduling needed for an event.

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Upon request, we are available to our customers for the preparation of the safety plan and for questions regarding security during the event. We have many years of experience and a wide range of versatility. Our focus is on giving project-related consultation. No event should take place without professional advice and coordination with the event management service.

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Other helpful services

Additionally we offer high quality special services for events and venues.

Based on years of experience in the field of event organisation, we know how important the environment of an event is and how important an overall coherent concept is.

  • Professional support in project coordination
  • High quality accreditation systems
  • Professional technology
  • Tender/Bid support
  • Reservation and registration management
  • VIP support
  • And much more ...

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